Tangerine Tom

Don't be fooled by his resting Butterface. Super sweet, tangy, and uplifting... Tangerine Tom has everything you need to boost your mood and your collagen to have plump, healthy skin.

Boost your peelings

for 2022 with this fresh, uplifting smell of tangy tangerine butter and opulent orange essential oil. The oils extracted from fresh tangerine and orange peels are enriched with vitamins, antioxidants, and everything nice. Look good. FEEL GOOD.


and exposure to cool and wet weather can strip the skin's barrier function, causing it to become irritably dry. Make sure to coat your skin with a protective layer of butter before you go outside (and you can replenish your moisture barrier with our premium cream too!).

Quality is a reflection of you

...proudly made from 100% natural ingredients, Tangerine Tom has 3 quality ingredients to help nourish tired, everyday skin. Packed with natural oils from peeled oranges and tangerines, this butter has all the nutrients needed so you can transition into the new year with fresher looking skin.


▪ Citrus Reticulata Oil (tangerine oil)
▪ Citrus Sinensis Oil (orange oil)
▪ Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (butter)

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